Quality Control

Shoptech e2 MFG MRP system provides a robust quality control software program for manufacturing businesses. Ensure quality on every job and eliminate costly delays and reworks with quality control functionality. Gain a transparent view into the shop floor’s workflow to understand how quality issues can take place and to prevent potential quality issues before they happen. Define workflows and take control of the entire process to meet the high-quality demands of customers.

The quality control module in Shoptech e2 fully integrates with all modules in the solution including scheduling, supply chain management, data collection, estimating, and more. Monitor production quality in real time to prevent the risk of defective products being shipped out. Gain the ability to view, monitor, and adjust the shop floor’s workflow in real time.

Shoptech e2 MFG manufacturing resource planning solution offers the following features and benefits:

  • Preview potential workflow changes to calculate the possible impact.

  • Make informed management decisions with the ability to collect and analyze quality data.

  • Identify quality issues early to eliminate costly rework later.

  • Create defined workflows from engineering to production to shipping.

  • Inspire innovation and collaboration by providing visible quality objectives and benchmarks for team use.

  • Minimize the risk of machine downtime with the ability to schedule and monitor preventative maintenance.

  • Conveniently create, edit, and view inspection and maintenance records from the shop floor.

  • Instantly generate rework jobs based on scrapped parts and customer returns.

  • Schedule and implement inspections at multiple points throughout the manufacturing process.