Shoptech e2 MFG MRP system provides a robust scheduling module that delivers all the tools and flexibility required to make quick and informed production decisions. The e2 scheduling module offers complete visibility allowing users to create production schedules based on absolute data, not estimates. Calculate possible risks and bottlenecks, and reallocate resources to minimize production disruption.

Manufacturing businesses rely on scheduling transparency to prevent production delays. Gain control over the manufacturing process with the powerful tools in the e2 scheduling module. Improve efficiency, on-time delivery rates, customer satisfaction, and the shop’s bottom line. View the production schedule in real time to anticipate challenges before they arise then manage resources accordingly. Eliminate excessive downtime and labor shortages with complete visibility into the production process.

Whiteboard technology in e2’s scheduling module permits access to all needs, inputs, and objectives related to planned and in-progress jobs. Drag-and-drop functionality allows users to quickly designate high-priority jobs and reroute work to meet tight deadlines. Sort whiteboard data by day, job number, workstation, or other categories. Distinguish schedules by shift, department, job, etc. Accurately measure performance and efficiency with the ability to view jobs-in-progress side-by-side.

Shoptech e2 MFG manufacturing resource planning solution offers the following features and benefits to manufacturing companies:

  • Quickly designate high priorities to jobs in need to reroute work and meet critical deadlines.

  • Adjust and rework the schedule to accommodate for missed employee shifts, machine downtime, and other unexpected occurrences.

  • Utilize the what-if simulator to predict material requirements and scheduling challenges.

  • Monitor workflow and floor capacity to make on-the-fly changes as needed.