E2 Shop System | Axxis Corporation

Case Study: Axxis Corporation
Industry: Metal Fabrication
Location: Bloomington, CA,
About The Company
Axxis Corporation produces high quality Machined parts and components for use in the Aerospace, Power Generation, Fluid and Gas Measurement, Medical Device, Automotive Aftermarket and many other specialized industries. They are able to offer customers services from simple and advanced machining to complete fabrication and finished products. They are constantly upgrading both their equipment and personnel training to meet the ever changing technological demands of the precision machining industry. By implementation of innovative processing methods and utilization of a wealth of experience, they can quickly turn your design into a finished product.
The Solution
Before E2, Axxis Corporation’s biggest problem was in purchasing. They were having trouble buying the tools they needed and as a result had delivery problems and some unhappy customers. They needed new internal systems and a way to collect job cost data to help quoting accuracy. E2 provided total shop-floor control and improved quoting accuracy which led to increased productivity.
Benefits & Results
“By maximizing the use of E2’s different modules we are able to get results that are quantifiable rather that speculative. The amount of information that can be quickly and easily accessed in the Executive Overview Module has become part of our weekly review meeting. E2 Shop System has allowed us to effectively control all aspects of shop activity, while simultaneously taking the uncertainty out of shop management.”
“With E2 we see the business as never before. Probably more than anything else, E2 has helped us increase our productivity”
Brandy Tidball
Axxis Corporation