E2 Shop System | Contemporary Engineering Designs

Case Study: Contemporary Engineering Designs
Industry: Machining Services
Location: Bloomsdale, MO
About The Company
Contemporary Engineering Designs, Inc. initially opened for business in August of 1993. We began by producing small, high tolerance medical parts and continue that tradition of quality as we branch into additional industrial and commercial fields. Located on Interstate 55 in Bloomsdale, Missouri, CED is situated between the St. Louis Metropolitan area and Cape Girardeau. We continue to work with customers in our local area and nationwide.
The Solution
Before E2, Contemporary Engineering Designs was having trouble accurately estimating time and costs for jobs with many customers requiring material certifications. It was clear that this process could be easily streamlined and E2 software could be used to attach the certifications to the jobs electronically. It became easier to track jobs throughout the design and manufacturing process. Seamless transition between estimating, data entry, tracking and quality control made E2 the perfect choice.
Results & Benefits
“We have been using the E2 system for about a year now and it has made our life much easier. The ease of having a system where an order is entered and everything is figured out for us, including scheduling, was worth the investment in the system alone. The data entry in the shop has given us much more accurate times and costs on each job. Most of our customers require material certifications and the ability to attach them directly to the job electronically has saved paper and time plus it makes it much easier to track. I am currently working on the quality module and it is running as seamlessly as the rest of the program.”
“We were able to
resume our Friday
barbecues with the
time that E2 has
saved us.”
Bob Beyatte
Engineering Designs