E2 Shop System | Data Collection

Data Collection


With E2, gain complete transparency into your largest expense items, including material, labor, and more!  Access your data quickly so you can make fast, informed decisions while managing your resources.

E2 eliminates the guesswork from your most important decisions.  With E2, harvest information from employees, work centers, and even your materials and products in real time. 

• Track job costs, pieces and scrap with up to the minute precision

• Eliminate hard-to-read manual time tickets

• Guarantee accurate job costing with bar-coded job travelers

• Prevent time from being posted to wrong or closed jobs

• Compare time in the building with time spent on jobs

• View routers, drawings and other attachments online - create the paperless shop floor

• Use Work Queue so employees can see the next job to run

Employee Data Collection (Designed for a mobile device)

Registered to a specific employee so you know exactly what job the employee is working on. Geo-fencing technology for accurate time and attendance. Real-time information on job status and costing. Eliminate hard to read time cards. Post inventory directly to job.

Data Collection

Designed for tablet. Gain up-to-the-second information on job statuses and updates. Designed for use by multiple employees on the shop floor. No longer manually track time or waste time entering into E2.