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Shoptech has built an outstanding reputation as a leader in manufacturing software systems .

E2 Shop System by Shoptech Software has a unique and compelling company story, as the software system was originally developed by two manufacturers, Rich and Greg Ehemann back in the 1980s. Through their love of computing and  mutual experience as manufacturers themselves, Rich and Greg discovered the key strategy to grow their own manufacturing business was the need  to track the profitability of each job through  their  job shop.  E2 Shop System was literally created out of that need, in their job shop in Cincinnati, Ohio over 30 years ago. 

Because the founders of Shoptech have a first- hand understanding of the needs of a job shop, their ERP product,  E2 Shop System, is designed  to coordinate all various aspects of manufacturing, from estimating, scheduling, data collection, purchasing, shipping and financial accounting.  Because the system is so cleverly designed to meet the needs of fast growing manufacturers, the  company has grown into a true American success story, and now has 5 offices across the United States and Canada, and thousands of customers throughout North America.

Over the years, Shoptech has earned great authority in Shop Floor Control systems, and has received numerous awards and recognition for its contribution to the technological innovations in Manufacturing Control.  



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