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M1 Webgear Customer Web Interface


WebGear is a total e-commerce solution for M1 users.  WebGear Explorer empowers you to provide exceptional customer service and save money while doing so.  WebGear Ecommerce allows you to create a full online web store to increase sales.  This equates to a direct impact on your bottom line.


WebGear Explorer

It’s all about exceptional customer service.  You share grids of any information stored in the M1 system.  These may be shipments, orders, jobs, and invoices.  Reduce routine repetitive phone calls from customers while increasing their satisfaction with information quality and availability.  Create grids using the familiar M1 grid designer and turn them on for viewing on the web by those you allow.  Customers perform shipment tracking on shipper sites directly from links automatically appearing on your WebGear site.  M1 reports of your choosing are available on your Web Site.  When your customers call with questions, you e-mail links that take them straight to their answers with a single-click view to any grid or report.



Full Shopping Cart with Payment Processing. You have full shopping cart and product search capabilities allowing you to sell effectively and profitably on the web.  Display product thumbnails on search screens, and full-size pictures with detailed descriptions of the products you place for sale on the web.  Increase sales with WebGear’s cross-selling features.  Checkout lets the customer specify their bill and ship addresses, select shipping carrier, calculate taxes, and pay with a credit card.  Use Verisign’s robust “PayFlo Pro” credit card gateway allowing you to accept all major credit cards and tie to nearly any credit card merchant account. All online ordering is recorded in real-time, and it is seamlessly entered into the M1 system.


Gives you Control

WeGear’s configuration tools give you total control over the M1 information your customers can view and what products are for sale on the web.  You customize the appearance of your WebGear site so that it is consistent with the look of your existing billboard site.


Editable Themes

Webgear has editable themes, custom themes are simple to create which means you can add your own company image.


Security – Simplified

Set all access and security settings within M1’s familiar user and contact management screens.  WebGear knows which company your customers belong to, so it automatically ensures that they can only see their own company’s information on any search grid or report.  The simple login process assists your customers if they forget their passwords.  User-entry forms are secured with the same SSL protocol in use by the largest financial institutions.