ECi M1 | Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable


M1 Accounts Receivable allows you to invoice your customers as parts are shipped, and then track payments as they are received.  Invoices can be generated using the AR Invoicing Wizard.  This creates invoices directly from shipments, eliminating the need for re-keying information and therefore eliminating errors.  Customer invoices may be previewed, printed, faxed or e-mailed directly to your customer.  At any time, you may call up a customer to check credit history and current aging.  M1 Accounts Receivable interfaces directly with the General Ledger module providing you with immediate financial reporting.

Several reports are available to display your sales activities in various formats.

With M1 Accounts Receivable, you will know who is buying what and who is paying bills on time.


Invoice Entry

Multiple lines for an order may be entered on a single invoice.  Supports “Progress” billing directly from an order. 


Sales Commissions

May be paid at time of invoicing or on receipt of payment.      



Taxable and non-taxable lines may be entered.  Numerous tax types may be used to improve tax reporting.


Invoice/Statement Forms

May be customized, previewed, printed faxed or e-mailed.


Payment history, invoice history and sales detail may be retained indefinitely.


Credit Hold

May be placed on new customers or on customers who are past due.


Aging Information

May be viewed on the screen, or printed in one of several formats.

Sales Analysis

Reports allow access to sales history in a variety of formats.  



Allows adjustments with full audit trail.


AR Payments

Supports payment of invoices, order deposits and miscellaneous application of credit memos.