ECi M1 | General Ledger

General Ledger (Including Fixed Assets Register)


M1 General Ledger processes and posts entries created by the M1 Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll modules, as well as manual entries made directly in the General Ledger.  A Chart of Accounts is easily established to control how you want the system to report on your business.  You may export your General Ledger data to a spreadsheet to handle any special requirements.  M1 General Ledger including the Fixed Asset feature clearly meets the needs of small to medium sized custom manufacturers looking for outstanding business control.


Flexible Account Structure

Account numbers may consist of chart of account, division and/or department components.


Flexible Posting Times

Entries may be posted to any period in the current, next or any year, even while a period is still open.



Prior year adjustments may be made and all balances forward will be properly adjusted.



Figures may be entered for any account and year. 


Income Statements

Print comparisons between current actuals and budgets or previous actuals.


M1 Help

M1’s on-line help walks the user through the General Ledger process in an easy-to-follow format.


Fixed Assets Register

M1’s General Ledger module even includes a Fixed Assets Register.  Keep track of all your assets, calculate book and tax depreciation schedules, sell, dispose and revalue your assets with ease.



M1 General Ledger is fully integrated with the M1 Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable and Payroll modules.  Transactions hit the General Ledger on-line.


Projected Cash Flow Report

A “must have” for making informed decisions. This report will take the current balance of the selected cash account, and then add un-invoiced open sales and purchase orders, open AR/AP invoices, recurring payments, projected payments, and optionally forecasted leads.