ECi M1 | Multi-Currency



M1 multi-currency simplifies your buying and selling functions in foreign currencies.  Define any number of foreign currencies and their exchange rates relative to your home currency and manage accurately through effectivity dates.


Currency Mode Button

Simply and quickly toggle between your home currency and the foreign currency to view both values.

Currency Information

At each entry screen where multi-currency is used, view the foreign currency and exchange rate being used for that transaction.  You can override the default exchange rate if required.
Foreign Currency Bank Accounts
Manage your foreign currency back accounts with ease. Make deposits, payments and reconcile the account in the foreign currency.
Re-value AR and AP Invoices with the latest exchange rate
Use the Revaluate Wizard to revalue the selected invoices with the current exchange rate or enter a custom exchange rate for the revaluation.

Quotations and Orders

Produce quotes in foreign currency and convert these quotes into sales orders, or create new orders, all in the foreign currency.

Purchase Orders

Manage your international purchases by raising your purchase orders in the supplier’s currency.  Each supplier may have a default currency.


Create your customer invoices in their specific currency, process your supplier invoices in their currency.


No need for manual calculations all financial reports are automatically displayed in your home currency.