ECi M1 | Advanced Inventory Mgmt

Advanced Inventory Management


M1 advanced inventory management provides a superior means of manging complex inventory requirements.  Advanced tools such as multiple warehouses, multiple bins, dimensional inventory and part cross references improve control of your inventory.  Multiple warehouses allows you to create independent warehouse for each stocking location and this provides the tool to manage quarantine and inspection locations.  You can transfer between warehouses, view quantity data by warehouse and bin and record your customers part numbers for cross referencing. 

Multiple Warehouse

Each warehouse is uniquely identified and contains its own contact details.

Warehouse Transfers

Move inventory between warehouses

Availability by Warehouse

View the quantity on hand by warehouse and bin for materials and parts.

Cross reference

Cross reference you customers and suppliers part numbers.  Supplier part numbers will appear on your purchase orders and Customer part numbers will appear on your invoices.


Each warehouse can contain multiple bins.  Each bin includes its own identification and description, quantity on hand and allocated.

Dimensional Inventory

Control your dimensional inventory through the use of bins and their associated conversion factors.


Customise your own documentation to suit your specific requirements.


Use search’s to view and access any open warehouse transfers.

Alternative Parts

If you have an inventory shortage or need to look at more cost effective options then alternative parts will allow you to review any alternative options you have