ECi M1 | Job Management

Job Management


M1 Job Management is a comprehensive manufacturing management control application designed specifically for the routing, scheduling, costing and tracking of parts manufactured on the shop floor, whether these are custom parts, or repetitive parts which may eventually be sold out of finished goods inventory.

A “Methods” file, storing standard routing information for each part manufactured, may be continually  updated on the system, so that job details for a repeat part requires minimal effort to provide the quick and accurate reference necessary for requoting a part or analysing the types of work at which your company excels.


Job Costing

Actual compared to estimated job costing for materials, sub-contracting, operations (labour/overhead), as well as comparisons to projected and actual billings for profitability analysis.


Order-to-Job Linking

Ability to handle one on one delivery, one job/multiple deliveries, blanket production runs, and internal work orders to build parts to finished goods inventory.


On-Line Cost Enquiry

Review of estimated vs. actual costs by overall job and individual material, subcontracting and operation sequence.



Routing, costing and tracking of single or multiple level assembly parts.


Quality Control

Extensive tracking and analysis of scrap, rework and added operations.



Extensive tracking and analysis of efficiency and utilisation figures by employee, operation, work centre and department.


Job Wizard

Improve your manufacturing efficiency by linking orders or requirements for the same part on the job.


Split Job

Divide one job into multiple smaller jobs.  The production quantity and job costs are all split according to your requirements.


Stocked Sub Assemblies

Sub Assemblies for a job can either be manufactured, pulled from stock or a combination of manufactured and pull from stock.  Additional sub-assemblies can be manufactured on a job to replenish inventory or meet an economical build quantity.


Schedule Board

Once a job has been planned, you are able to schedule it immediately, reducing the time to complete the job planning process.