ECi M1 | M1 SFE Shop Floor Entry

M1 SFE Shop Floor Entry (Data Collections )

M1 SFE is an easy-to-use, on-line system that allows labour transactions to be entered at the time that work is being done on the shop floor. Transaction entry is straightforward and rapid with the use of mouse, light-pen, bar-code or keyboard interface to update labour information from the shop floor. 

The SFE System ensures you have accurate labour reporting, costing and Job Status.  Labour transactions are posted efficiently, on-line, real-time, eliminating costly manual time card entry that is time-consuming and often inaccurate. Integration with M1 Job Management eliminates dual entry.  Integration with M1 Scheduling provides on-line, real-time views into up-to-the-minute shop floor scheduling priorities.  Integrated multimedia with SFE incorporates scanned images, CAD/CAM drawings and even video. 


Flexible Data Entry Technology

M1 SFE utilises mouse, light pen, bar code or keyboard interface to update labour information from the shop floor.


For Mobile Staff

Shop Floor Entry also runs on a Symbol PPT8800 series PDA for staff that are on the move.



Communicate directly with shop floor employees with M1 messages.  Send message to individual employees or company wide.

Document Management

Attach and view part drawings, work instructions or even video instructions for parts, assemblies and operations.


Work Queue

On-line, dynamic work queue window provides employees with prioritised work schedule and paperless routing information on the shop floor.


Distributes Hours

Automatically splits labour hours across multiple jobs being worked on simultaneously by an employee; likewise, splits machine hours when two or more employees work on the same job.


Labour & Overhead Split

Choose the split of labour and overhead per work centre.


Quality Reporting

Captures rework and scrap reason codes along with miscellaneous employee comments from the shop floor.


Grace Periods/Multiple Shifts

Clock In/Out periods adjusted for user-defined grace periods.  Accommodates split and staggered shifts.


Material Issue

Shop employees are able to record the materials and their quantities used during an operation.



All transactions update M1 Job Costing and Scheduling functions immediately.


On-Line Enquiry

Real time management access to exact job locations for prompt customer service and early identification of problem jobs.