ECi M1 | Order Management

Order Management


M1 Order Management is at the heart of Bowen & Groves’ order-driven manufacturing system, accommodating those companies that do custom “job shop” work or service work, as well as those selling standard product lines off the shelf.  From the time an order is entered, the system tracks its progress through to final shipment, producing timely reports on demand. Multiple releases may be established and tracked through the system individually or as an aggregate analysis of the overall blanket order.

True multi-level bill of material access enables you to better manage your custom jobs.

With M1 Order Management, all orders and change orders will be effectively managed on-line, reducing your chance for error and smoothing out the entire order-to-delivery process for maximum customer satisfaction.


Order Line/Job Link

Immediately creates a linked job, improving your job planning efficiency.


Blanket Orders

Multiple releases may be established for each sales order line item.  Each release may be set up to pull parts directly form inventory or seamlessly integrate with Job Management to generate production orders.  A separate shipping address can be attached to each release.


Order Wizard

Quickly create an order from a quote to eliminate the need for re-keying the information.



Order lines/releases may be integrated with Job Management in a one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many and

many-to-many production strategy.


Sales Commissions

Commission can be calculated for each line of an order.


Part Price Tables

A pricing table may be set up that allows multiple quantity/discount breaks.


Progress Payments

A payments schedule can be created for an order which enables progressive customer invoicing.



Have your resellers linked to orders including the ability to calculate commissions.


Finance Companies

M1 supports the ability for payment by finance companies for your customers orders.


Order Acknowledgement

Advise your customer that their order has been received and processed by forwarding an Order Acknowledgement.


Aging Info

While entering a customer’s order, you can immediately view the status of their account.  For further detail, simply click into an aging bucket to display the relevant invoices.


Activity Graphs and Calenders

Bar graphs, pie graphs and calendars are used to graphically display various search results.  Use the bar graph, for example, to view orders to date, compare to last year’s results, analyse the trends and click into a bar to view the records contained in that month.