ECi M1 | Product Configurator

Product Configurator


M1‘s Product Configurator will allow you to offer superior service to your customers by simply and easily being able to configure products to their exact needs.  No need for thousands of bom’s in your master file anymore, quote or create a job with ease.  Just input the rules and anyone even those with the least amount of product knowledge will be able to configure a BOM, a quote or even a job.



Product Configurator allows you to configure a dimensional or configurable part based on rules and parameters. E.g. a desk that can be a different length, width, height, material and have different options, such as drawers or a return. The configured part can generate a Part ID, Description and price based on rules.


Ease of Use

The construction of a configured part is a simple matter of defining a template Bill of Materials (BOM), then select what part of the BOM to apply rules i.e. a material, operation, sub-assembly, part id or description etc. Graphics can be added to the configuration screen to provide simple instructions and explanation of what values are required.



The design screen for building your unique rules for part configuration is simple, yet very complex rules and parameters can be applied to cater for the simplest or the most complex dimensional part.



The verify rules check allows you to ensure that rules are tested prior to part use.



Build custom screens that allow parts to be configured from Quoting, Order Entry, Job Entry and Lead Entry, so anyone can configure a part.


Design Studio

M1 Design Studio is used to build your configuration. This is the same tool that is used to develop any customization within M1, so this provides a familiar environment and minimizes the learning curve.



Each revision of a configured part can have a unique set of rules. This will accommodate the requirement where each revision may require a different logic applied.



The Product Configurator Wizard will amaze you.  The wizard provides you with multi-level automated configuration.  It will automatically build your product configurator from a bill of materials, including all sub-assemblies.  The advantage of the wizard is for an item with multiple choice options your configurator screens are built within seconds.  Additional rules and formulas can easily be added after the wizard is complete.