ECi M1 | Quality/Warranty

Quality/Warranty  Management


M1’s Quality & Warranty module ties together all your quality and warranty functions so you can provide superior products and services.  The M1 quality and warranty module is packed with features that will improve efficiency, productivity and assist you in meeting or continue to maintain ISO quality certification. 


Non Conformances

Enter non-conformances to manage, control and analyse your rework and scrap.  



Manage the inspection process to ensure inspections are carried out on incoming goods, in process or at outgoing goods inspection.  Inspect returned materials, reworked goods and non conforming parts.


To ensure parts under inspection, rework or claim are not used a quarantine bin holds the stock.


Discrepant Material

DMR Management allows you to disposition your non conforming material and make claims on your suppliers to ensure recovery of your costs. 


Return Material

RMA Management allows you to process return authorisations and claims from your customers.


Corrective Action

Create, track, follow-up, verify and sign off all corrective and preventative actions taken to address quality related issues.


Warranty Management

Warranty provides you with the ability to activate warranty contracts associated with a part or parts and allows you to quickly determine whether a claim is covered under warranty or not. 



Quality/Warranty management is fully integrated with financials so wizards in AR & AP allow you to process DMR’s, RMA’s and Warranty Claims.  Quality/Warranty management is fully integrated with all production modules.


Analysis Tools

M1 Business Analysis Tools provide quick and simple visual tools to quickly view all your quality related data, analyse trends and review involvements.