ECi M1 | Scheduling



M1 scheduling is designed to provide you with pertinent information to enable your improved delivery performance.  M1’s scheduling is a comprehensive tool that allows you to visually track progress, see capacity constraints and develop what if scenario’s to ensure you can best utilise your assets to achieve customer satisfaction. 



Shop Load Explorer

You can view available capacity or overload situations for each work centre or department


Scheduling process

Jobs may be individually scheduled from within the job entry screen, or alternatively, schedule multiple jobs at one time through the scheduling module.  Rescheduling multiple jobs is made easy through a single screen.  Choose backward scheduling or forward scheduling for individual or multiple jobs to ensure achievement of customer delivery dates.


Work Centres

Define the characteristics of a work centre by its crew size, number of machines, daily capacity and individual work centre calendars.



Carry out an unlimited number of scenario what if analysis to ensure that you can achieve the best possible schedule and then save to the master schedule.


Work Centre Overload

Select a work centre with overload indicated and M1 will automatically finite schedule the entire work centre.


Planned material requirements

Job operations are integrated with material requirements to provide a detailed planned material requirements report.


Multi level assemblies

All assemblies within a job are scheduled to come together for final assembly, providing powerful usability for make to order manufacturing companies requiring true multi-level BOM’s.


Production Calender

M1 scheduling uses your production calendar to accurately forecast the duration of your jobs. 


Shop Floor Data Collection

All changes made to your schedule are immediately reflected in the Shop Floor Data Collection module.  Real time data for your shop floor employee’s.