ECi M1 | Advantages

M1 has a vast array of business analysis and productivity tools, use graphs, calendars, wizards, explorers and other shortcuts to increase your efficiency  State of the art navigation methods to allow users to quickly find what they are looking for. Quick implementation times with the integrated help/M1 assistant and the implementation checklist. Tools such as M1 Design Studio and Customize grids, M1 can easily be a perfect fit for your company. Integrated Customer Relationship Management modules, which give you the ability to record, track, assign and analyze your pre and post sales activities. Integration with your familiar everyday email and document tools. Smart screen technology that means you don't need multiple windows open. The power of Search like no other — you will never spend your valuable time trying to find information, it will always be at your fingertips.  No need to enter data twice, enter once and pull the data right through, quote, order, job, ship and invoice. Approvals and Warnings so you can maintain control over your most important activities. No need to have everything in your master files, M1 lets you maintain files on the fly.

Ease of Use: 


System usability has one of the biggest impacts on a company’s productivity after implementing a new computer system of any kind, whether this is a simple word-processor or a full business management system such as M1. When M1 was developed, Bowen & Groves understood this simple concept and built a level of system usability and context sensitive help that other ERP systems envy.


When logging into their system for the day, users are welcomed by their “Start Page” which provides rapid executive information that has been tailored to both the company and their own personal choice. The company system administrator can easily setup each user so that they only have access and see those modules of M1 that they require. The user can then tailor their “Start Page” to suit their particular style of operation, furthering their productivity


Productivity tools: 


M1 has the most advanced productivity and management tools you will see in an ERP system.  These tools will increase your efficiency by providing access points to the information you require.  Use of graphs, calendars, explorers, wizards and other shortcuts will mean you can locate answers to your questions in seconds.  Every module within M1 comes with Graphs, calendars and explorers.


Activity Graphs: Bar graphs and pie charts display the transaction activity over a specified time period.  Click on a bar to drill down into the transactions involved.


Activity Calendar:  Calendars provide a visual overview of the value and number of transactions created each day of the selected month.  Drill into the transactions to see the detail.


Explorer:  A series of explorers are used to locate all transactions for the selected record.  


Start Page: A series of pre-defined searches providing a snap shot view of your business.  Click on a search to gain immediate access to the data. 


Advisors: Advisors answer common questions


Wizards: Wizards are used in purchasing and job management and raising customer invoices.  Use just one screen to create multiple purchase orders.  Fast efficient and automated.



M1 by B&G - Design Studio: 


To ensure your most unique business processes can be handled, M1 design studio is the most simple and flexible customization tool on the market. With M1 you can make the software work for you, you can add new fields, you can change any input form, including moving objects around and adding new objects, you can customize any report, and the search grids can be changed to show the information in different ways as well as completely new views added to the grids.