ECi M1 | Advanced Bill of Materials

Advanced Bill of Materials


M1‘s Advanced Bill of Materials gives you the tools to effectively manage your simplest to your most complex multi-level assembly with ease.

M1‘s Advanced bill of materials module gives you the tools to control your revisions, create engineering change requests and assign and track serial numbers to ensure traceability.  With absolute ease use find and replace to modify multiple bills and you can even roll up your costs.


Revision CoRevision Controll

Revision levels can be numeric, alphanumeric or any formula that suits your business.   Revision levels are controlled with start and end effectivity dates.  Each part may have multiple revisions, these revisions show in the grid on the entry screen that shows the quantity on hand and quantity allocated for each revision, so you can keep track of all variations. The part advisors show information for all the revisions for a given part, so all the information you need is readily available.


Serial Number Tracking

Serial Number tracking allows you to specify if a part is to be tracked.  You have the ability to specify a formula for the construction of a serial number, this can be a global setting or based per part.From job management integrated through shipments serial number control is available and allows you to select the serial numbers used on the transaction.   The packing slip and invoice can even be printed with or without showing serial numbers to ensure total traceability.  The serial number explorer shows various information about the serial number including when it was created, what job or receipt created it, what job issue or shipment used it, and what the current status of the serial number is.


Change Requests

Engineering Change Requests can be managed and autorised for parts and jobs.


Find and Replace 

Find and Replace allows you to replace all incidents of a part with another part in the part master file, allowing you quick and effective management of engineering changes.


Standard Cost Rollups

The standard cost roll-up wizard allows a part or product group costs to be updated in the inventory file with ease.  All costs, labor, material and overhead costs can be rolled up and you can even update the selling prices with the click of a button all at the same time.