ECi M1 | Project Management

Project Management


M1‘s Project Management allows you to manage, track and analyze project activities to ensure success.  M1‘s Project management module ties together all quotes, jobs, orders, purchases and invoices to a specific project, you can assign a project manager, track progress, and create follow-ups to ensure you never miss an important milestone.


Project Identification

A Project Identification number allows you to link quotes, follow-ups, attachments, calls, orders, jobs, purchase orders, receipts, shipments, leads, accounts receivable invoices and accounts payable invoices.  The project identification will transfer when a document is transferred between modules.  Project types are user definable and allow you to manage groups of projects by type.


Project Manager

A project manager can be assigned so you can view and track progress and activity.


Project Entry Screen

At the project entry screen you can view and manage all related documents for a specific project.  Here you can view all calls, attachments, quotes etc.   You can even enter follow-ups that integrate with Microsoft Outlook so you can review milestone achievement.


Project Reporting

There are numerous methods of viewing project activities within M1.  Searches allow you to view current open projects, newly created projects and projects marked for follow up.  The project status report allows you to view the % of jobs completed.  M1 business analysis tools allow you to view pie charts, bar graphs and calendars of your projects, in integrated modules, just select the project ID and you can view and drill into all transactions.  Job Analysis and Job Status Reports allow you to select the project identification in order to view, print, export or email project reports.  Keep track of the various stages of each job in the project and the progress bar provides you the visual representation of the status of the job.  Compare your estimated job costs to the actual costs as the job progresses.  You can even look at the scheduling board by project ID.