ECi M1 | Purchasing Mgmt.

Purchasing Management


M1 Purchasing Management handles Purchase Order generation and the tracking of vendor performance. Detailed line items indicate planned receipts to inventory or to a job, although their destination may be changed at the time of actual receipt entry.

The Purchasing Wizard will generate purchasing suggestions based on the filters you select.  Filter by supplier, part, job, date or inventory class.  Select the items or services that require purchasing and M1 will create the purchase orders for you.

Purchasing approvals assist you in controlling the purchasing process.  Purchase orders requiring approval can be emailed directly to the appropriate staff for quick, efficient action.  This process can accommodate requisitioning needs.

With M1 Purchasing Management, you will reduce inventory levels, improve on-time deliveries, enhance your cash flow and increase your profit levels.


Purchasing Wizard

Based on the same logic as the Planned Material Requirements, this wizard suggests the parts and sub-contract operations that need to be purchased.


Part Advisor (Purchasing)

Obtain detailed information relating to the purchasing history of a part, including who you purchased from, how many and how much.

Receipt Management

Quickly create receipt details for all lines or individual lines. Manage PO receipts for partial deliveries or multiple deliveries.  Multiple PO’s can be received on the one delivery.



Purchases made for specific jobs may be optionally redirected into inventory at the time of receipt.  This flexibility is also offered for items originally purchased for inventory.


Purchase Order Approval

Set approval limits for your buyers.  When purchase orders exceed this limit, email a request for approval to the next person in the approvals list.


Purchase Order Printing

Purchase orders may be directly printed from Purchase Order entry by date, user or Purchase Order number range.  Purchase Orders may also be faxed or emailed directly to your vendor.


Supplier Delivery Performance

Accurately measure the performance of each supplier.  This report measures the number of days late on each purchase order providing you with a delivery performance profile.