ECi M1 | Shipping Mgmt.

Shipping Management


All activity relating to shipments can be performed and tracked through Shipping Management.  Shipment information is passed through to Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry, ensuring that the correct shipment details and quantities are invoiced.

An option is available to track your shipments through the carrier’s web site. This becomes most useful when tracking international deliveries.

At the time a shipment is prepared you may add additional items or services to the delivery without having to update the order.

Creating a shipment immediately updates your inventory by warehouse, the order and job and links also to AR Invoicing Wizard.  Packing slips and labels can be printed at the time the shipment is prepared.


Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels may be printed for each delivery.  The customer’s name and address will be printed.  Other information printed will be their Purchase Order number, ship via, number of packages and shipping comments


Packing Slips

Print packing slips to accompany orders to customers with general or detailed line comments.


User-Defined Forms

Customisable packing slips and shipping labels may be created to meet your specific design requirements.


Add Extra Items

 Quickly add extra items or services to a shipment without the need to amend the order.


AR Invoicing Wizard

Each shipment creates a record in the AR Invoicing Wizard.  Invoices are then created from the wizard using information from the order and the shipment.



Shipments can be tracked through the carrier’s web site.  M1 provides the necessary link to execute this search facility.