Encompix | Purchasing

Purchase directly to stock or to a project.

The Encompix Purchasing system supports company-wide activity, including the purchase of direct and indirect materials, MRO and services. The system supports requisitions with specific approvers, based on authorization levels. Material requisitions can be consolidated into a Request for Quotation (RFQ) and easily converted in to a Purchase Order (PO) based on the response.

The Purchase Order management provides multiple ways to create a PO. Orders can be entered manually or created as a result of Dependant Demand Planning (DDP) which creates suggested purchases on a time-phased basis.

Purchase Orders can be for stock or directly for a project. On receipt the material goes directly to Work-in-Progress (WIP) and the cost is allocated to the job as WIP or COGS.

Vendor Performance ranks suppliers based on delivery, quality and price. If designated, a PO line item can be received directly into Inspection for quality verification and, if necessary, returned to the vendor.

Using Workflow triggers, individuals can be automatically notified of exception conditions, e.g. “Production order awaiting material.”