Encompix | Workflow Management

Manage your workflow in real time

Encompix Workflow Management simplifies production. Real-time data automates workflow management for processes used by engineer- and made-to-order manufacturers.

Based on their security clearance, Encompix offers employees real-time data they can use to perform daily tasks.

Encompix has been designed around the expected workflow of engineer-to-order and make-to-order manufacturers, making it simpler for people to perform normal business processes.

For example, once the job BOM is established the engineers have the option to release the BOM to purchasing. The parts become immediately available to the buyer so he can place the purchase order.

Upon receipt of the purchased goods, those goods flagged for inspection divert immediately to the inspector's "What Do I Need to Inspect Today?" screen. Material is either assigned to WIP or inventory or immediately returned to the vendor.

In addition to the real time foundation, we also provide an "Alert Messaging System," to facilitate communication among users throughout the work flow process. Encompix includes many standard alerts that may be activated for one or more users of the system. For example, an alert can be activated if production planning doesn't want to release the job to the shop floor until all direct materials have been received. And another alert will be sent upon P.O. receipt of the last material. Alerts may be sent via the internal Encompix messaging system or to a MAPI-compliant email system such as Microsoft Outlook.

Additional alerts can be setup and customized to your specific workflow tasks