Enterprise 21 ERP | Financials Overview

Financials Overview

Enterprise 21 ERP features a complete set of fully-integrated financial management and accounting functionality. Enterprise 21’s AP, AR, and GL modules are fully-integrated with the entire Enterprise 21 ERP application, including order processing, inventory, warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing and planning, businesses intelligence, and e-Commerce, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry in multiple software systems. With flexible costing methods and a multi-level chart of accounts with full drill-down capability, Enterprise 21 delivers scalable financial software functionality to meet the needs of both small and mid-market businesses alike.


For multi-national enterprises, Enterprise 21 ERP supports multiple currencies for transactions, accounting, and financial reporting. Enterprise 21 ERP can revalue foreign currency accounts and automatically determine financial gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.


Enterprise 21 ERP also provides complete audit trails to enable organization’s to meet their financial reporting requirements. Enterprise 21 automates the documentation and control of transactions and processes in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. In doing so, Enterprise 21 provides the basis for financial reporting required by financial and executive management and external auditors for compliance purposes.


Enterprise 21 Financial Management Key Features and Benefits

  • Track multiple organizational segments within the general ledger such as companies, business units, or profit centers
  • Financial reporting can be performed at multiple organization levels, from a department or facility through company and business unit to an overall consolidated enterprise
  • Unique invoicing methods and invoice print formats can be specified by customer
  • Corporate cash application process allows cash application to be performed at an enterprise-wide level for a combination of business units and divisions
  • Provides online access to customer credit limit, payment history, and collection notes
  • Supports multiple costing methods including standard, FIFO, LIFO, and average costing
  • Manages multiple currencies for transactions, accounting, and financial reporting
  • Stores customer tax codes by customer bill-to address and ship-to locations
  • Supports a base budget, current budget, and infinite working budgets per fiscal year
  • Reports can compare multiple years’ actual and budgeted amounts