Enterprise 21 ERP | Inventory Management

Inventory Management

With Enterprise 21 ERP’s inventory management functionality, manufacturers and distributors gain real-time access to inventory status for materials and finished goods while simultaneously improving inventory data accuracy and integrity through total data quality management. Enterprise 21 supports multiple inventory facilities, multiple inventory locations, flexible units of measure with automated unit of measure conversions, physical inventory counts, cycle counts, and complete lot and serial number tracking. With Enterprise 21, manufacturers and distributors can reduce on-hand inventory carrying costs while improving customer order and line item fill rates.


Enterprise 21 Inventory Management Key Features & Benefits

  • Replenishment rules include minimum-maximum reorder point, safety stock levels, line item fill rate, and service level management
  • Unlimited global and product-specific units of measure (UOM) conversion factors
  • Supports use of default units of measure and automatic conversion to alternative units of measure in transaction processing
  • Supports forward lot traceability from ingredients through manufacturing processes to finished goods, which are ultimately shipped to customers
  • Supports backward lot traceability from finished goods back into manufacturing processes to ingredient and component receipts from suppliers
  • Shelf life and expiration date tracking
  • Complete QC processing for inbound receipts and manufactured products
  • Supports attributed inventory
  • Allows for both physical and cycle counts
  • Supports catch weight processing