Enterprise 21 ERP | Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

At the heart of Enterprise 21 ERP is a fully-integrated warehouse management system that includes built-in RF and barcode scanning functionality for streamlined warehouse operations. Enterprise 21 manages and tracks the complete flow of material through the entire organization, from receipt and putaway of material, through production and kitting, and eventual picking, packing, and shipping to customers with complete lot traceability and serialization tracking. Enterprise 21 also automates the management of other warehouse operations such as physical and cycle counts, vendor returns, license plating, and labor allocation and optimization. With Enterprise 21 ERP, manufacturers and distributors can realize significant warehouse efficiency and productivity gains for increased bottom-line profits.


Enterprise 21 ERP Warehouse Management Key Features & Benefits

  • Includes wireless warehouse management technology for RF and barcode-scanning
  • Supports definition of warehouse zones, locations, and bins with associated capacities
  • Supports a variety of picking methodologies including pick by order, pick by area, cart picking, zone picking, wave picking, and pick queue processing
  • Generates picking lists by using multiple sets of criteria including location, batch, FIFO, FEFO, employee, zone, lot, or serial number
  • Tracks all inventory moves and inventory transfers from one location or facility to another
  • Supports the automatic identification of products that require inspection at time of manufacturing putaway or purchase order receipt
  • Supports the use of pallet ID’s or license plates