Enterprise 21 ERP | More Than Gourmet

Case Study: More Than Gourmet
About The Company
Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, More Than Gourmet is proud to be the only company crafting classic French sauces and French stocks in the authentic, old world tradition. 
The Situation
When More Than Gourmet first purchased Enterprise 21, the company was generating roughly $2 million in annual sales. Since that time, the company has transformed into a global leader in creating gourmet French sauces for consumers, retailers, restaurants, caterers, and professional chefs around the world. From its humble beginnings in Akron, Ohio, More Than Gourmet now has operations throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.


  • Required a highly scalable, fully-integrated ERP solution to accommodate rapid corporate growth
  • Required lot tracking and traceability to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Required integrated quality control mechanisms to ensure high levels of product quality and safety
  • Required fully-integrated e-Commerce functionality to offer global web-based sales
The Solution 
Prior to selecting TGI and Enterprise 21, Brad Sacks, More Than Gourmet’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, had a vision to become a culinary leader in providing premium French demi-glace, stocks, and sauces with a rapid expansion plan to reach European and Asian markets. With such growth plans in mind, Sacks selected Enterprise 21 for unmatched software functionality and scalability. Sacks attributes much of his company’s growth and success to Enterprise 21. “TGI’s ERP system, e-Commerce extensions, and decision support tools have enabled us to grow our business in a dramatic and rapid way over the past 15 years.”

Benefits & Results 

From a compliance standpoint, More Than Gourmet has achieved the unique distinction of being an FDA, USDA, and British Retailer Consortium (BRC) “A rated” and certified organization. More Than Gourmet is one of the few USDA facilities located in the United States that has been EU-certified for product export to the European Union. More Than Gourmet has developed unparalleled internal quality control processes and procedures. These processes and procedures are used in conjunction with Enterprise 21’s fully-integrated quality control alerts, automated quality assurance system procedures, and integrated forward and backward lot tracking and traceability. With access to real-time quality control and product lot information, More Than Gourmet is able to ensure the highest levels of product safety, quality, and traceability for each of its customers throughout the world.


  • Achieved significant business growth without the need to purchase additional software functionality
  • Gained complete traceability of ingredient and finished good lot numbers for FDA, USDA, and BRC compliance
  • Leveraged integrated quality control processing
  • Deployed back-end e-Commerce functionality for 24/7 global Internet sales

Furthermore, Enterprise 21 has enabled More Than Gourmet to operate its business on a single, fully-integrated software platform. From quoting and order entry, through manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and receiving, More Than Gourmet relies on Enterprise 21 in nearly every aspect of its daily operations. In addition, Enterprise 21’s integrated e-Commerce functionality has allowed the company to offer web-based domestic and international product sales 24/7. Through implementation of Enterprise 21, More Than Gourmet has been able to increase overall customer satisfaction through proactive interaction with its global customer base with organization wide access to real-time customer account information.


Regarding More Than Gourmet’s strong working relationship with TGI, Sacks states, “We feel that TGI is a true partner in our business. Their products and support allow us to manage our company in an effective and efficient manner. Additionally, we feel that we are positioned for the future from a system standpoint to continue to grow our business without the concern of facing a ‘next step up’ in ERP systems and costs.”