Enterprise 21 ERP | Manufacturing


Enterprise 21 ERP provides make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order- and configure-to-order manufacturers superior manufacturing capabilities for advanced production planning, production scheduling, MRP, and production reporting. Enterprise 21 delivers multi-level bill of material capabilities, formula and recipe management, scalable batches, engineering change tracking, manufacturing routing maintenance, and machine maintenance in a fully-integrated solution. Distributors can also leverage Enterprise 21’s manufacturing capabilities for their complete kitting and light assembly needs. Enterprise 21 ERP allows manufacturers and distributors to gain complete visibility to the true cost of their items, resulting in smarter enterprise decision-making and improved bottom-line business performance.


Enterprise 21 ERP Manufacturing Key Features & Benefits

  • Multi-level BOM’s that support pseudos, subassemblies, and phantoms
  • Multi-level where-used functionality enables rapid access and mass change to all BOM’s using a specific component material or subassembly
  • Supports infinite-level formulas with yielding at the top level or ingredient level and rank-ordered ingredient substitutes
  • Built-in recipe management
  • Supports scalable batches
  • Multi-step and multi-level manufacturing routings
  • Kitting and assembly and light manufacturing capabilities for distributors
  • Graphical production scheduling
  • Captures materials, packaging, and labor consumed and finished goods produced
  • Tracks recorded manufacturing variances for executive analysis
  • Tracks all material, labor, and burden costs associated with the manufacturing process