Enterprise 21 ERP | Sales & Order Management

Sales & Order Management


Enterprise 21 ERP provides sophisticated order management capabilities to enable manufacturers and distributors to improve customer service and on-time customer order delivery while simultaneously improving the organization’s pick, pack, ship, procurement, and planning processes. Enterprise 21 allows sales and customer service representatives to access real-time order status information from a single order entry screen. Enterprise 21 ERP offers a diverse set of order entry options, including regular sales orders, drop shipments, blanket orders, recurring orders, group orders, and counter sales. Enterprise 21 also accommodates Web orders, route accounting management, and incoming and outgoing order-related EDI transactions.


A key differentiator of Enterprise 21 ERP is that it supports both available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) processes and automated alerts. During the order entry process, CTP evaluates key factors at a line-item level to calculate an accurate customer delivery date and offer alternative supplier options for raw materials or distributed items.


Enterprise 21 ERP also monitors customer buying habits, customer order frequency, and order and line item fill rates automatically, allowing manufacturers and distributors to deliver unparalleled customer service to their customer base.


Enterprise 21 ERP Order Management Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides both available-to-promise and capable-to-promises alerts and processes during order entry
  • Allows for a variety of pricing options, including volume discounts, promotions, allowances, and contract pricing
  • Allows for pricing rules to be established on a customer-product combination basis
  • Supports e-Commerce and EDI transactions
  • Allows for multiple ship-to locations on a single order
  • Automatically monitors customer buying habits, customer order frequency, and order and line item fill rates on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Built-in parametric, rules-based product configurator for online product configuration to be used for customer quotes and customer orders
  • Customer quotes can be converted directly into customer orders