Enterprise 21 ERP | Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Gain control over your material requirements. Manufacturers rely on Enterprise 21 ERP to deliver the material requirements plan necessary to ensure raw materials, ingredients, packaging supplies, and labels are available for production to meet customer demand while optimizing inventory levels for improved discrete and process manufacturing efficiency.


Enterprise 21’s fully-integrated MRP functionality performs time-phased requirements planning for single and multi-facility manufacturing organizations. Enterprise 21 ERP calculates inventory requirements over time and automatically generates online purchase requisitions and tentative production schedules, which can be turned into purchase orders, inventory transfers, and final production schedules. Going one step further, Enterprise 21’s MRP process calculates expected inventory levels over time and generates purchase requisitions with appropriate time offsets to meet future projected inventory shortfalls.


With Enterprise 21 ERP, buyers and material planners can review purchase requisitions and automatically generate the necessary purchase orders and intercompany transfers to support the organization’s complete inventory and manufacturing plan to meet customer demand while simultaneously minimizing inventory carrying costs.