EnterpriseIQ | Material & Capacity Requirements Planning

Material & Capacity Requirements Planning
The EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP planning engine accurately and effectively manages all resources necessary to meet manufacturing demand, while maintaining lean inventory levels. It includes items manufactured internally, at alternate locations, through third-party vendors, as well as sub-assemblies.

The single database structure allows the EnterpriseIQ MRP engine to span the entire supply chain to accurately match availability with demand. The fully incorporated system takes into account all aspects of the manufacturing process including:

  • Material Requirement Planning - Time phased planning window for both purchasing and production.Evaluates material availability based on the required manufacturing date taking into considerationcurrent demand and material lead times. Advanced planing capabilities include:
  • Automated Raw Material Ordering
  • Hard and soft allocation
  • Idea vs. Existing analysis
  • Min/Max Planning
  • Labor Capacity Planning - Measure standard labor hours against the required hours to meet your schedule by week, day or shift, based on work orders and labor schedule.
  • Schedule operators by skill level
    Calculate available labor by category and qualifications
  • Auxiliary Equipment Planning - Checks for availability and evaluates conflicts of auxiliary equipment linked to the bill of material.
  • Machineand Work Center Capacity Planning- Evaluates machine availability with variables that affect the capacity such as maintenance, setup, etc. If the job cannot be run within the requested time frame due to capacity limits, the system determines the first available time and date the work center can have the requested number of items completed. View availability by type or individual machine, by day week or month.
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning- Compares available work center time based on the Shop Calendar versus required hours for each machine type.