EnterpriseIQ | Quality Management

Quality Management
Experience the power of a truly embedded Quality Management System. Direct access to all ERP related information eliminates redundant data entry thereby reducing costly errors, saving time and improving communications.

Increase visibility and improve reaction time by pushing data to those who need it using secure electronic signatures and approvals. EnterpriseIQ workflow automatically evaluates status and sends e-mail notifications to both internal and external team members.

The Quality Management System (QMS) within EnterpriseIQ provides a systematic approach to meeting the quality needs of manufacturers. Key Quality functionality built into the core EnterpriseIQ system allows manufacturers to monitor and control quality through:

  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Inventory Inspections
  • Reject & Scrap Tracking and Analysis
  • Customer and Supplier RMA
  • Complete Audit trails
  • Supplier performance rating system
  • "Roles-based" user security
  • Document linking and tracking
    Non-conform and Non-allocate inventory
  • Certificates of Conformance
  • Receiving Inspections
  • Lot and Serial number tracking and traceability
  • Master Specification Tracking

More extensive functionality can be added as needed, when need. Capabilities such as compliance and deviation tracking, analysis and charting of compliance issues, as well tools to address specific compliance standards such as QS and TS, ISO and 21 CFR