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Additional Modules

Automated Backup Service (ABS)
ABS is real-time, offsite data backup storage in the secure tier-one Epicor data center. ABS provides the first step in your business continuity plan—all you need is a supported VPN device, and Epicor takes care of the rest.

AutoOrder converts inbound purchase orders from any customer into standardized, structured electronic documents that can be automatically processed into Eclipse without needing to be manually keyed.

Credit Card Processing With Vantiv
Epicor credit card processing with Vantiv Integrated Payment is a PCI-compliant integrated credit card solution. Credit card processing supports in person transactions, commerce transactions, and cards stored on file using tokenization and encryption technologies.

Carton Packing
Carton Packing provides system validation during the packing process that allows the user to indicate what SKU and quantity are shipping in what package. Carton Packing provides a label on the outside of the box, pallet, bag, or bundle that clearly identifies the contents and quantities of each carton type and also provides the data required for the outbound EDI 856 ASN transaction.

Document Imaging
Eclipse Document Imaging is a fully integrated document storage and retrieval system designed to help reduce or even eliminate the masses of paper overwhelming your business. It converts paper documents into digital files that can be indexed to any file in your Eclipse system.

EDI for Eclipse is a fully integrated electronic document processing solution that lets your company conduct routine business transactions through an automatic computer-to-computer exchange of business documents without the need for third-party software.

Shipping Solution
Starship is an integrated shipping solution for Eclipse. Starship allows you to ship both small parcel and LTL shipments.

Web Integration
Eclipse Web Integration lets you or any third-party web developer customize your own Internet storefront while providing product and customer information from your Eclipse solution to your customers. Eclipse Web Integration uses XML as a path to Eclipse to query up-to-the minute product and customer information.

SQL Replication
Eclipse SQL Replication is a data replication engine created specifically for Epicor Eclipse that provides near real-time access to Eclipse data using Microsoft® SQL Server®.

Tax Connect
Epicor Tax Connect is a scalable, subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for sales tax calculation using Avalara. Rates are calculated “behind the scenes” and are automatically applied to each transaction. Tax Connect continuously updates data, making accurate sales tax calculations available immediately.