Epicor Eclipse | Work Order Processing

Work Order Processing

Epicor Eclipse Work Order Processing is a light manufacturing solution that lets you effectively manage the step-by-step conversion of raw materials into finished goods inventory. This conversion includes transforming a basic material or group of materials into a finished product by completing a series of steps that are value-added services performed in-house or provided by outside vendors. Typical value-added processes include: assembling a group of parts into one part, such as a sink, or assembling a circuit board for a piece of machinery. With support for both onsite and offsite light manufacturing processes, this solution allows you to define and monitor several value-added processes including repackaging, heat treating, plating, cutting, bending, welding, assembly, painting, and drilling. The result is end-to-end module functionality between sales/pricing and inventory/purchasing, eliminating inefficiencies in the light manufacturing process.