Epicor ERP | Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics 

Business Intelligence and Analytics for the Epicor ERP system help you answer four essential questions—what happened, why did it happen, what is happening now, and what will happen next? Dashboards, trackers, and data visualization tools built into the core ERP platform help you get a better understanding of what is happening in your company right now. Additional modules also provide you with deeper trending, diagnostic, and predictive analytics to bring the future into focus.


Epicor Data Discovery 


Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) is a data visualization tool for the Epicor ERP system. With EDD, staff can use their natural visual abilities to quickly spot areas of interest in real-time production data that they might have otherwise missed by just looking at rows and columns of numbers. In the Data Discovery view, users can set filters and drag and drop measures and dimensions to produce rich visualizations—a process similar to manipulating a pivot table in a spreadsheet. They can then focus on a data point or area and drill down into the underlying ERP transactional detail. They can also combine views to create BI dashboards with shared filters and shared dimensions. Driven by real-time BAQs in the Epicor ERP system, EDD complements Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) by visualizing short-term, up to-the-second enterprise data, whereas EDA provides for longer-term data exploration running in a data warehouse.


Epicor Data Analytics


Powered by Phocas, Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) helps companies turn their data stored in the Epicor ERP system into actionable insights. EDA is an easy-to-use service in the cloud that takes a unique, intuitive approach to lead you on a journey of discovery through large cubed data sets contained in your data warehouse. With deeper insights, companies can grow by reducing cost, identifying new opportunities, supporting specific programs, and speeding up decision making. EDA provides customizable and interactive dashboards to make it easy to analyze the data inside your business systems. The dashboards contain visual KPIs, graphs, charts, and tables, so you can quickly review important information about your business performance and make informed strategic decisions. Once you have spotted an area of interest in the visual metrics, the EDA grid is where you conduct most of your analysis, and unlike a spreadsheet, you can “drill down” into the data with a simple click to reveal additional levels of detail—all the way down to the ERP transactions—and find your answers.