Epicor ERP | ICE Business Architecture

ICE Business Architecture

Epicor ICE Business Architecture separates technology framework from business application in order to promote lean and efficient software development that provides agility, scalability and extensibility. This architecture breaks down software processes into a series of granular "business services" that are made available on a network. Each service provides functionality that can be adapted to the needs of the enterprise.

Epicor ERP allows businesses to independently access, integrate, and substitute any function or data element in the ERP system. Every ERP capability – more than 1,200 - is represented and available a service that may be used to drive integrations or support various ERP client applications.

The Epicor ICE Business Architecture goes a step further by allowing all Epicor next-generation enterprise applications to be manipulated using Epicor Business Process Management (BPM) engine and Epicor Service Connect.  Epicor ICE also features the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework—a unique technology that uses XML metadata to represent all client forms and logic. That metadata is then used to deliver customizations across an enterprise and drive pure HTML client applications to desktop, tablet, and phone devices.