Epicor ERP | Web 2.0

Web 2.0

Epicor understands the value that mass participation and collaboration, with the Web as an enabler, can bring to business. Substantial advances and the ongoing maturity of the consumer web have brought new levels of productivity and self-evident usability to today’s technology consumers. Even the rise in social computing and related technologies has an outlet in enterprise business software, and are manifested in capabilities such as enterprise search and presence. Epicor ICE merges these emerging technologies, often referred to as Web 2.0 with Epicor True SOA™ to deliver unprecedented support for harnessing knowledge, rapidly finding information, and taking collaborative actions upon it.   

Epicor ICE is the business architecture that underpins the Epicor enterprise business software and offers a true service oriented architecture. This agile business process enabling technology builds on an already complete and robust framework. The toolset is helping our customers to both use and enhance Epicor applications at a business as opposed to a technology level—with minimum overhead.