Epicor ERP | Lead/Opportunity Mgmt

Lead and Opportunity Management

The primary goal of many businesses is to grow their revenue. Whether your growth will come through attracting new customers or retaining existing ones, Epicor CRM can help you. With Epicor CRM Lead and Opportunity Management you can proactively manage your sales territories and the entire life cycle of all your opportunities. Lead and Opportunity Management enables you to convert more prospects to customers, target the highest value opportunities and increase sales revenues.


Outfitting your sales team with advanced, easy-to-use software is not just smart; it’s a matter of survival. Epicor CRM is equipped with the tools you need to find more prospects and quickly convert them to satisfied customers. Your sales people can manage the complete prospect-to-customer lifecycle, give accurate revenue forecasts to management and automate many administrative tasks. The bottom line? Better qualified prospects, shorter sales cycles, reduced lead  time, and higher revenues.