Epicor ERP | Advanced Material Mgmt.

Advanced Material Management


Advanced Material Management (AMM) enables businesses to produce electronic requests for materials, dispatch those materials, and track inventory movements of all inventory including raw materials and work in process. Using wireless terminals and bar coding technology you are able to track inventory in real-time with complete control and visibility of raw materials and work in process as it travels throughout the enterprise.


Bar Coding on Demand and Scanning

Print tags on demand enabling employees to properly label containers or to create custom labels (via Seagull Scientific, Inc. BarTenderĀ®) to meet customer requirements.  Eliminate data entry mistakes and increase transaction speed by simply scanning a bar code tag to complete an entire transaction.



Allows for the transaction of work either on a graphical touch screen station or via mobile Radio Frequency (RF) enabled device.


Material Handler Interface

Use an online queue of raw material and WIP parts to manage requests to locate and deliver the right parts to the correct resource at the appropriate time.

Material Movement

Different movement transactions are available for you to move a job to stock, move stocked material, or perform different returns to a job or stock.


Prioritizing Orders

Lets you treat your best customers with the highest priority by automatically allocating inventory to the highest priority orders first. Reserve or allocate materials from stock or directly from a linked job to make certain that you ensure your highest priority customers the greatest care.


Reserving Inventory and Sales Order Allocation

Reserve specific parts in inventory for designated orders.  Manage sales order allocations with greater efficiency and create more effective picking and shipping.