Epicor ERP | Advantages


Epicor is uniquely fit for manufacturing, so you can consume innovation with ease, unleashing new power to drive business growth. Your organization is unique. Your unique combination of products and services, your systems and processes, how you engage with your customers, how you transact and deliver— it’s all a part of what distinguishes you from your competitors. That’s why the core software you use to run your business— your ERP system—needs to be a great fit. Our customers succeed with Epicor because our solutions fit their industry, business requirements, geography, and more. The last thing you need is something that further complicates your life or your business. Working with your ERP system and your ERP provider should be effortless. That’s why we’ve introduced a concept called “ease of everything” at Epicor. Every day, we work to make our solutions:


·       Easy to deploy

·       Easy to access

·       Easy to learn

·       Easy to use

·       Easy to upgrade 

Whether your business is emerging, midsize, or a subsidiary of a Global 1000 company, manufacturers that want to grow are a great fit for our solutions, our approach, and our culture.