Epicor ERP | EDI/Demand Management

EDI/Demand Management 

Today, all suppliers large and small are facing increased expectations from their customers to have systems in place for immediate response to changes in their demand such as forecast and shipping schedule changes. Epicor EDI/Demand Management secures your competitive edge by incorporating electronic data interchange (EDI) with demand scheduling. The EDI/Demand Management framework leverages the SOA business architecture of Epicor ERP and deep industry experience in EDI to lower the cost of EDI deployment. The framework provides full flexibility and control for setting up customer contracts and handling their schedules once inside the Epicor ERP system, whether entered manually in Demand Management or contained in EDI messages. This helps your company reduce lead time and effort for planning and procurement, thus enabling you to respond on the production floor faster. A wide range of EDI implementation choices are available to match your company’s needs, making it possible to preserve much of your investment in EDI setup and existing staff.