Epicor Express

Designed for simple and complex manufactures alike and includes a full feature set to meet scheduling requirements.  It provides an interactive, graphical scheduling board for “drop and drag” scheduling and schedule visualization.  Supports forward, backward, finite, and infinite scheduling and “what-if scheduling” to identify impacts before making changes to a schedule. 
  • Production scheduling boards
  • Visual indicators of late status and material availability
  • Infinite and finite scheduling
  • Backwards and forward scheduling
  • Operation complete quantity displayed
  • Operation complete time displayed
  • Overload Informer
  • Multi-level assemblies
  • What-if scheduling
  • Setup grouping
  • Change impact reporting
  • Dual resource constraints
  • Conditional forward schedule
  • Resource specific production calendars
  • Finite load horizon
  • Dual resource-based schedule
  • Scheduling blocks
  • Global scheduling