Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES) | Overview


Designed For Your Industry 

Epicor  Mattec (Advanced MES)  was  designed  with  your  industry  in mind. With its origin in rubber, plastics, automotive, and the metals industry, Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES) has more than 20 years of domain and industry best practices built in, yet it offers you the agility to meet changing demands and requirements. Epicor Mattec  is  an  out-of-the-box  configurable  MES  solution  that enables rapid implementation  while  still  being  fully extensible  to meet the  most  demanding  requirements.

Deploy Your Way

Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES) isn’t just a platform—it’s a purpose-built point solution, meaning you won’t need extensive consulting and expensive customizations to get a quick return on your investment. Out-of-the-box tools for every level of the organization make it easy to see almost immediate business results, and Epicor makes it simple to connect to your data—no matter how timeworn or modern. Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES) also uses open connectivity protocol (OPC), programmable logic controllers (PLC), machine interface units (MIU), and personal computer (PC) interfaces.


Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES) collects production data automatically—no more manual data collection to worry about. Operators on the shop floor use touch screen technology to add depth and dimension to the automatic production data, so you get a clear picture of the what, why, and when of downtime, cycle time, quality, and scrap. The system also has real-time alerts, notifications, and other communications, so the people who need to know are in the know when it matters most, letting them take immediate action to correct a problem or improve performance. Whether you’re making on-the-fly production schedule changes, setting up daily operations meetings, or managing dashboards and reports,  Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES) is  easy to use  and  ideal  for one-click drill-down  insight  and  reporting.  Most importantly, it’s system-agnostic, so you can link it with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to connect your top floor to your shop floor.

Real-Time Insight for Better Production and Business Performance 

Your business isn’t like anyone else’s, and neither is ours. Is better productivity your goal? You need accurate data and fast information. If you’ve set your sights on operational excellence, you need it even faster. Either way, real-time automated production and process data direct from your machines is the gold standard in performance improvement, and we exceed that standard with analysis, reporting, and planning to help you achieve your goals. Epicor is there when you’re doing strategic planning and turning strategies into tactics for improvement, because getting better is easy when the facts are clear. Ready to retire your manual data collection and intervention steps? With Mattec (Advanced MES), you get accurate data instantly—not minutes, hours, or shifts later. You   and the entire operations and production teams can work collaboratively to reduce waste, inventory, and downtime; optimize equipment and capital and worker resources; and drive performance gains with Epicor.

Office, Mobile, Global

Take the power of Mattec MES with you on a web-enabled   mobile device or tablet with browser-based dashboards, information, and analysis. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you have a single operation or a distributed network of plants internationally, Mattec is currently available in more than 10 languages and suitable for language customization.



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