Manufacturing ERP Software for the Aerospace Industry

Below you will find a comprehensive, independent review and comparison of  Manufacturing ERP software for the Aerospace industry. We provide an easy-to-navigate matrix comparing general data (e.g. pricing, financing options, etc.), materials management, sales order management, financial management, production management, supply chain management, and customer management along with any additional capabilities each vendor might provide. Click on the product name to dive deeper into each vendor's software or request a free demo to get more hands-on experience.
  General Data
  Product NameMicrosoft Dynamics AXSYSPROEnterpriseIQGlobal Shop SolutionsIFS Applications 9.0Epicor ERPPlex Manufacturing CloudSage ERP X3SAP Business OneInfor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) E2 Shop SystemJobBOSS Shop Management SolutionECi M1Microsoft Dynamics NAVabas ERPMIE Trak ProInfor LNNetSuite ERPCetec ERP
  VersionAX 7 20167.015.22016.29.010.00Always Current79. ERP Feature Pack 6Always CurrentAlways Current
  Price Range$20K-750K$25K-500K onsite$50K- $2M$5K-500K$300K-2M$4K -500K$5K + per month-$2600/ user-$25K -$250K$25K-500K$5K-200K$299-$200K$10K-250K$8K-$250K$75K and up-$ 5K-$ 500K$25K-$1M$10K-100K$40/User/Month-
  Financing OptionsLease, Owner Financing, FinancingLease, Owner Financing, SubscriptionLease, Financing, Leasing Options, SubscriptionFinancing, Leasing OptionsSubscriptionLease, Owner Financing, Lease to ownSubscriptionOwner Financing, Lease to ownLease, Owner Financing, Lease to ownLease, Owner Financing, Lease to ownFinancing, Leasing OptionsFinancingLease, Owner Financing, Lease to ownLease, Owner Financing, FinancingLease, FinancingFinancing, Leasing OptionsLease, Owner Financing, FinancingSubscriptionSubscription
  User Range5-2,2504-10005-Unlimited3-100040-50001-2000+20-1000+20-1000+25-10005-10001-3001-1001-5005-75010-2505-50020-2,50010+unlimited5-Unlimited
  Multi SiteYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
  Multi NationalYesYes, 60+ Countries yesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoAU, NZ,US,CA,UK.40+ CountriesYesYesYesYesYes
  ArchitectureSOA, .NET, CloudSOA, XML, WebserviceSOA, .NETSOASOASOASaaS Multitenant SOA SOASOAClient/ServerClient/Server or CloSOA, .NET.NETSOA / Multi-tierClient-Server, RDS CSOASAAS, MultitenantSaas, Multitenant
  Database PlatformMS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas), Microsoft AzureMS SQL Server, Other, Cloud-Based (Saas), Universally Compatible w/all Data Base PlatformsMS SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC Compliant, Cloud-Based (Saas), Amazon Web services (Cloud)MS SQL Server, ODBC Compliant, Cloud-Based (Saas)Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas), MySQLMS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas), MAC OSCloud-Based (Saas), Universally Compatible w/all Data Base PlatformsMS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL Server, Progress, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, Proprietary`MS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL Server, MS SQL ExpressMS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas), MS SQL ExpressMS SQL Server, IBM DB2, OtherMS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas), MS SQL Express, MS Access, Microsoft AzureCloud-Based (Saas), abas Open Object Oriented Database, Universally Compatible w/all Data Base PlatformsMS SQL Server, Amazon Web services (Cloud)MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Postgres Enterprise ServerMS SQL Server, Progress, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, ODBC Compliant, Proprietary`, Customized per Client, Pervasive, Power, Sage ProvideX, Sybase, Cloud-Based (Saas), PostgreSQL, MS SQL Express, abas Open Object Oriented Database, MS Access, IBM UniData/UniVerse, Universally Compatible w/all Data Base Platforms, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Multi-Tenant SAAS on the SalesForce CloudCloud-Based (Saas), MySQL
  Server OSWindowsWindowsLinux, Windows, Unix, .NETWindowsCompatible w/all Operating SystemsLinux, Windows, UnixCompatible w/all Operating SystemsLinux, Windows, UnixMac OS, Linux, Windows, Unix, Novell NetwareWindowsWindowsMac OS, WindowsWindowsMac OS, Windows, Compatible w/all Operating SystemsLinux, Windows, UnixWindowsLinux, Windows, UnixMac OS, Windows, Unix, Novell NetwareCompatible w/all Operating Systems
  Materials Management
   Inventory Controls    Inventory Management    Inventory Control    Bar Coding    Complex MRO    Advanced Material Mgmt.    Inventory Summary    Inventory Control    Inventory Management    Material Management Summary    Data Collection    Lot and Serial Control    Advanced Inventory Mgmt         Inventory Management    Materials Management Modules    Procurement    Multi-location Inventory for Distributor    Barcoding & Labeling  
   Manufacturing    Lot Traceability    Vendor Managed Inventory    Bill of Materials    Costing    Bar Coding    Inventory Tracking            Plant Maintenance    Bar Coding    Material Control    Inventory Management         Material requirements planning (MRP)            Advanced Shipping    Bill Of Materials  
   Material Planning        Wireless Warehouse Management System    Data Collection    Demand Forecasting    Handheld    Bill of Materials                Bill Of Materials        M1 Calculators        Material Cost Posting            Bin Management    Dimensional Inventory Control  
   Warehouse Management            Inventory Control    Inventory Replenishment    Material Handler Interface    Bar Coding                Handheld / Pocketview                Scheduling            Order Promising    Inventory Management  
               Inventory Management    Project Budgeting    Material Movement    Job Tracking System                Inventory Control                Warehouse Management            Real-Time Sustem    Lot & Serial Traceability  
               Materials & Inventory    Project Reporting    Prioritize Orders    Material Requirements Planning                Inventory Management                            Return Materials Authorization    Mobile Warehousing  
               Materials Purchasing    Scheduling and Resourcing    Sales Order Allocation                    Lot and Serial Control                                MRP & Inventory Forecast  
               Materials Solutions                            Material Management                                 Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning  
               Physical Inventory                                                              
               Wireless System                                                              
  Sales Order Management
   Sales & Marketing    Document Flow Mgmt.    Packing Slip & Shipping Management    Complete Order Management    Collaborative Solutions    Order Management    Commission Tracking    Purchasing Management    Sales & Promotions    Advanced Forcasting    Order Entry    Job Entry    Advanced Bill of Materials    Service Management    Costing    Sales and Order Management Modules    Sales Overview    Automated Order Processing    Automatic Order Processing  
   Sales Management    Ecommerce Shopping Cart    Quoting and Estimating    Demand Management    Component Repair    Sales Management    Competitor Intelligence Database    RF Warehousing        Estimating / Quoting    Quoting / Estimating    Sales Order Processing    Estimating & Quote Mgmt.        Invoicing            Automated Payments    Configurable Manufacturing Modes  
       Point Of Sale    Sales Orders    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)    Coordinate Projects    Demand Management    Customer Orders    Sales Monitoring        Request for Quote    Vender Returns        Lead Management        Process History            One Click Purchase Orders    EDI / Ecommerce  
       Report Writer        Invoice Order History    Customer Orders     Electronic Data Interchange    E D I                        Project Mgmt        Quotation Management            Order Management    Field Service & Projects  
       Return Mgmt        Order Enrty    Field Service    Estimate / Quote Mgmt.    Order Entry & Tracking                                Sales Management Overview            Procure-to-Pay Purchasing    Manufacturing Quoting  
       Sales Analysis        Quoting & Estimating    Sales    Storefront    Quote Tracking                                Shipping Order            Real Time Order Status    Packing, Shipping, & RMAs  
       Sales Orders        Return Merchandise Authorization    Sales Quotes        Sales Order                                            Self-Service Vendor Center    Sales Reporting & Analysis  
               Sales & Service Management                                                        Shipping Integration    Workflow & Routing  
               Sales Application                                                        Streamlined Receiving      
               Shipping Logistics                                                              
  Financial Management
   AP / AR    Budget Management    Financial Overview    Accounting Application     Accounts Payable & Receivable    General Ledger    accounting Overview    Business Intelligence    Financial Reporting    Financial Management    Accounts Payable    Accounts Payable    General Ledger    Business Intelligence    “What if” Financial Scenarios    Financial Management Modules    Enterprise Asset Management    General Ledger, Payables & Receivables    Accounts Payable   
   Financial Management Overview    Accounts Payable    General Ledger    Accounts Payable    Budget Management    Accounts Payable    Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable    Data Collection    Accounting and Financials Overview        Accounts Receivable    Accounts Receivable    Accounts Payable    Financial Management    Cost Accounting        Financial Overview    Financial Summary    Accounts Receivable  
   Fixed Assets    Accounts Receivable    Finanacial Reporting    Accounts Receivable    Cash Flow    Accounts Receivable    Costing    Financial Overview    Banking & Reconciliation        Budgeting / Cashflow    General Ledger    Accounts Receivable        Financials and Accounting            Advanced Billing    Bank Reconcile & Credit Card Import  
   General Ledger    Activity Based Costing    Accounts Payable    Business Intelligence    Consolidate Accounts    Multi-Cureancy / Company    Expense Project Tracking        Cost Accounting        Executive Overview    Payroll    Multi-Currency        Fixed Assets            Amortization Schedules    Configurable Costing Methods  
   International Capabilities    Tax Management    Accounts Receivable    Business Intelligence Application    Financial Summary    Financial Mgmt Overview    Inventory Valuation                General Ledger        Payroll        Liquidity Planning            Multi-currency Transactions    Financial Reporting (Multi Site / Company)  
   Project Accounting    Assests Register    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)    Cash Flow    Fixed Assets    Tax Connect    Multi-Company Financial Consolidation                Payroll                Perpetual Inventory Costing            Project Accounting    General Accounting   
       Payroll        Financial Management    General Ledger    Cash / Asset Mgmt                    QuickBooks                            Revenue Recognition    General Ledger  
       Analytics        Fixed Assets    Sales Contract Mgmt.    Global Engines                                                    Project Accounting  
               General Ledger                                                            Tax Management  
               International Accounting                                                              
               Multi-Currency Management                                                              
               Payroll Management                                                              
  Production Management
   Bill of Materials    Bill of Materials    Bill of Manufacture (BOM)    Advanced Production Scheduling    Asset Design    Production Mgmt     Barcode Labeling    Discrete Manufacturing        Engineering    Advanced Scheduling    Quality Management    Job Management    Project Management    CAD Integration    Production Management Modules    Planning    Advanced Multi-location Inventory    Bill Of Materials  
   Key Production Features    Engineering Change Control    Engineering Change Order    Cost Breakdown Application    Batch Process    Advanced Production    Capacity Planning    Process Manufacturing        Planning & Scheduling    Job Management    Shop Floor Control    M1 SFE Shop floor Entry        Production Summary        Product Lifecycle Management    Aseembly Management    Configurable Manufacturing   
   Product Builder    Factory Documentation    Manufacturing & Production Reporting     Engineer-to-Order    Configure / Make / Assemble    Advanced Quality Mgmt    Complex Assembly            Production Management    Order Costing         Order Managent        Project Cost Accounting        Quality Management    Work Order Management    Integrated QMS & ECO / ECR  
       Cost Tracking    MES    Lean Manufacturing    Constraint-Based Scheduling    Job Management    Labor & Time Tracking            Project Control    Quality Management        Product Configurator        Project Management        Resource Management         Mobile Shop Floor  
       Planning and Scheduling    Material & Capacity Requirements Planning    Management Solutions    Engineer to Order    Lean Manufacturing    Multi-Plants            Shop Floor Data    Rapid Documentation        Quality / Warranty        Time Recording / Job Time                Production & WIP Reporting  
       Projects and Contracts    Production Overview    Planning & Scheduling    Make to Project    Manufacturing Execution Systm.    Plant Floor Mobile Access            Workflow    Shipping        Scheduling        Work Order Management                Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning  
       Quality Mgmt    Quality Management    Production Configurator    Multisite Planning    Planning & Scheduling    PLC Machine Integration                Shop Floor Control                                Time Tracking, Job Costing, & Outsourcing  
       Quotations    Real Time Monitoring    Project Management Application    Project Management    Planning and Scheduling    Preventative Maintenance                                                Work Order Documents  
       Requirements Planning        Quality Control Application    Repetitive Manufacturing    Product Data Management    Production Scheduling Overview                                                  
       Shop Clock        Quality Tracking    Shop Floor Reporting        Shop Floor Control                                                  
               Shop Floor Control    Shop Order        Statistical Process Controls                                                  
               Shop Floor Data Collection Application    Sub-Contract Management                                                          
               Shop Management                                                              
               Software Preventative Maintenance Application                                                              
               TrueView Data Display Application                                                              
  Supply Chain Management
   Key Supply Chain Features    EDI Solution    Capable to Promise    Advanced Planning and Scheduling    Distribution    Supply Chain Mgmt.    Online Order & Tracking            Shipping / Receiving    Advanced Scheduling    ShopView    Purchasing Mgmt.    Supply Chain Management    Purchasing    Supply Chain Management Modules    Freight Management    Supply Chain Overview    Customer / Vendor Portals  
       Freight Calculator    Demand Planning    Forecasting Trust    Equipment    Inventory Management    Online Tool Release                Demand Forecasting        Purchasing RFQ        Requisitions        Supplier Relationship Management        Lot & Serial Traceability  
       Inventory Forecasting    Materials Ordering    Shipping & Receiving Management    Equipment Effectiveness    Purchase Management    Problem Control                Executive Overview        Shipping Mgmt.        Sales Planning & Forecasting        Supply Chain Management        MRP / Kanban / Replenishment  
       Shipping Mgmt    Outsource Central     Supplier Relationship Management     Preventive Maintenance    Shipping & Receiving    Supplier Quality                Inventory Management                Supplier Relationship Management        Warehousing        Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning  
               Supply Chain Manager    Procurement    Sourcing    Supply Chain Overview                Purchasing / Receiving                                Receiving / Picking / Packing / Shipping  
                   Supply Chain    Supplier Relationship Mgmt.                                                    Requisitions & Purchase Orders  
                   Warehousing    Warehouse Management                                                    Supply Chain Management  
                                                                           Supply / Demand Forecasting  
  Customer Relationship Management
   Marketing Automation    Contact Management    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)    CRM Application    CRM Features    Customer Relations Overview    Configurator Pricing     CRM    CRM Overview    Customer Relations Management    CRM    Customer Relationship Management    Call Management    Sales & Marketing    Customer Relations Mgmt.    CRM Modules    Customer Relationship Management     Incentive Management    Built-in CRM  
   Sales Force Automation    CRM for Syspro        Customer & Prospect Management    Customer Services    Campaign Connect    Cost & Quote Estimating        Customer Data Management     Field Service Management    Sales Forecasting        Contact Manager        Customer Relationship Management Overview            Job and Project Tracking    Calendar Reminders / Follow-ups  
               Customer Relationship Management    Information Shring    Case Management    Customer Master List                WebView                            Partner Relationship    Custom Lead Pipelines   
               Sales Forecasting    Mobility Features    Customer Relationship Management    Customer Relations Summary                                            Sales Order Management    Customer & Contact Management  
               Sales Opportunity & Marketing Management     Sales Configurator     Information Worker    Field Service                                            Self Service Customer Portal    Customer Case Management  
               Service Management        Lead / Opportunity Mgmt    Opportunity Tracking                                            Website    Integrated CRM  
                       Mobile Connect    Quick Quoter                                                Last Touch Reporting  
                       Service Management    Quote Tracking                                                Mobile Access & Field Service  
                                                                           Sales Management & Quote Tracking  
  Additional Capabilities
   Alert System    Document Mgmt    Payroll Processing     Simplified Label Printing    B2B Contracting    Cloud Deployment    Business Intelligence    Multi-Channel Retail and Direct Marketing    E-Commerce    Human Resources    Time and Attendance    Automated Workflow    Document Mgmt    Human Resources     Electronic data interchange (EDI)    Additional Modules    Human Capital Management    Real Time Dashboards    Application Programming Interface  
   Business Intelligence and Reporting    Espresso Mobile    Work Force Management    Business Web    Business Analytics    Compliance Overview    Computer Aided Design    Wholesale Distribution        Internationalization    Crystal Reports        Human Resources        Business Intelligence            Security    Cetec ERP Application Programming Interface (API)  
   Compliance Management            CAD Interface Application    Employee Self-Service    Composite Applications    Document Control System            Intuitive User Interface    Data Conversions        M1 WebGear Interface        Multi-Site                Custom Report Writer  
   Human Resource Management            Crystal Reports    Expense Management     Composite Applications    E-Commerce            Multi-Site, Multi-Plant    Document Control        System Security                        Custom Workflow & Alerting  
   Service Managment            Data Conversion    Human Resources    Document Mgmt    Electronic Data Interchange            Quality Control (Supplier)    QuickView        Unlimited View                        Ecommerce, EDI, & Credit Card Processing  
               Document Control    Mobile Solutions    Enterprise Content Mgmt    Groupware Communication            Report & Analysis                                    Email Interfacing with Customers & Vendors  
               Document Control Application    Payroll, Time & Attendance    Enterprise Performance Mgmt    Human Resources Overview            Sytline Data Collection                                    Enterprise Document Management  
               Electronic Data Exchange    Recruitment, Training & Developemnt    Epicor Everywhere FrameworkEpicor Everywhere Frame    SmartPlex Mobile Access                                                Pulse Report  
               Global Application Builder        Global Business Mgmt                                                      
               Key Performance Indicators Application        Human Capital Mgmt.                                                      
               Messaging System Application        ICE Business Architecture                                                      
               Mobile Wireless Application        Mobile                                                      
               Online System / Time and Attendance        Product Data Mgmt                                                      
               Process Documentation & Training        Service Mgmt. Overview                                                      
               RFID Technology Application        Social Enterprise                                                      
                       Subscription Services                                                      
                       Web 2.0                                                      
  Services Support
   Support Options    STARS    IQMS EnterpriseIQ Training Programs     FastRESPONSE    Implementation    Business Process Outsourcing    Security        E-Learning        Account Manager    Customer Portal    Services & Support    Support Options    Upgrade Guarantee    Service & Support Modules    Enterprise Service Management    Customer Care    Cetec ERP Lite, Standard & Gold Levels  
       Support    IQMS Professional Services and Consulting    Global Shop Solutions Consulting    Support    Epicor Consulting    Training Strategies                Classroom Training    Customization                         NetSuite Central    Custom Development & Integration  
       Training and Education    IQMS Technical Support    Global Shop Solutions University    Training    Hosting Services                    E-Learning    Training and Education                        Site Consultation    Data Migration  
           Software Updates and Maintenance Program    Learning & Educational Services        Learning & Educational Services                    Onsite and ISO Consulting                                Local / Resident Hosting  
               Training Strategies         Managed Services                    Phone Support                                On-Site Implementation Consulting  
                       Professional Services                                                    Project Discovery & Gap Analysis  
                       Subscription Services                                                    Services User Training Programs  

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