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  General Data
  Product NameEnterpriseIQSage ERP X3Infor VISUALNetSuite ERPRoss ERPEnterprise 21 ERPOracle E-Business SuiteMicrosoft Dynamics AXQAD Enterprise ApplicationsSAP Business OneSAP Business All-In-OneInfor LNSage 300 ERP VISIBILITY.netInfor M3Microsoft Dynamics GPOracle Cloud ApplicationsPriority Software ERP
  Version15.276.5.4Always Current7.18.1Release 12AX 7 201620162010Infor ERP Feature Pack 62014V8M3 13.2 (Feb 2014)2016R1217.3
  Price Range$50K- $2M$2600/ user-$12K-100K$10K-100K$175/User (Saas)-$50K-250K (License)$30K-$750K$12K-$350K$20K-750K$250/User-$25K -$250K$120K-2M$25K-$1M$150/User-$2,500/User 25,000+--$10K-100KVarious Subscription-$1,400-$3,000/license
  Financing OptionsLease, Financing, Leasing Options, SubscriptionOwner Financing, Lease to ownLease, Owner Financing, Lease to ownSubscriptionLease, Financing, SubscriptionLease, Interest Free FinancingLease, FinancingLease, Owner Financing, FinancingSubscriptionLease, Owner Financing, Lease to ownLease, Owner Financing, FinancingLease, Owner Financing, FinancingLease, Owner Financing, Financing, Easy Pay AvailableLease, FinancingLease, FinancingLease, Owner Financing, FinancingSubscriptionSubscription, Licensed
  User Range5-Unlimited20-1000+5-50010+unlimited20-10005-1000+25-1000+5-2,25010-20,00025-100050-500020-2,5002-45010-10020-200025-500No Limits5-1,000
  Multi SiteYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
  Multi NationalyesYesYesYesYesEnglish / SpanishyesYesYesYesYesYesYes-169 CountriesYesYes (40+ languages)yesYesYes
  ArchitectureSOA, .NET SOASAAS, MultitenantSOA, N-TierSOASOASOA, .NET, CloudSOA, DA SOASOAMulti-tierSOAInfor 3 tierSOA, .NETSaasAll current Windows
  Database PlatformMS SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC Compliant, Cloud-Based (Saas), Amazon Web services (Cloud)MS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL Server, Progress, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, Proprietary`MS SQL Server, Progress, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, ODBC Compliant, Proprietary`, Customized per Client, Pervasive, Power, Sage ProvideX, Sybase, Cloud-Based (Saas), PostgreSQL, MS SQL Express, abas Open Object Oriented Database, MS Access, IBM UniData/UniVerse, Universally Compatible w/all Data Base Platforms, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Multi-Tenant SAAS on the SalesForce CloudMS SQL Server, OracleMS SQL Server, Progress, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, ODBC Compliant, Proprietary`, Customized per Client, Pervasive, Power, Sage ProvideX, Sybase, Cloud-Based (Saas), PostgreSQL, MS SQL Express, abas Open Object Oriented Database, MS Access, IBM UniData/UniVerse, Universally Compatible w/all Data Base Platforms, Quickbooks, SalesforceMS SQL Server, Progress, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, Proprietary`, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas), Microsoft AzureProgress, Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL Server, Progress, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, Proprietary`MS SQL Server, OracleMS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Postgres Enterprise ServerMS SQL Server, Oracle, PervasiveMS SQL Server, OracleMS SQL Server, IBM DB2, OracleMS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Other, Oracle, Proprietary`, Cloud-Based (Saas)OracleMS SQL Server, Oracle, MS SQL Express
  Server OSLinux, Windows, Unix, .NETLinux, Windows, UnixLinux, Windows, UnixMac OS, Windows, Unix, Novell NetwareWindows, UnixMac OS, Linux, Windows, UnixMac OS, Linux, Windows, Unix, Novell Netware, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, i Operating SystemWindowsWindowsMac OS, Linux, Windows, Unix, Novell NetwareWindowsLinux, Windows, UnixLinux, WindowsWindowsWindows, IBM OS, System lMac OS, Linux, Windows, Unix, Novell NetwareSaaS Web browser basedLinux, Windows, Unix
  Materials Management
   Inventory Control    Inventory Control    Enterprise Resource Planning    Multi-location Inventory for Distributor    Data Collection    Inventory Management    Inventory Management    Inventory Controls        Inventory Management    Inventory Management    Procurement    Bar Coding    Forecasting    M3 Procurement    Inventory Management        Materials Management Overview  
   Vendor Managed Inventory        Product Lifecycle Mgmt    Advanced Shipping    Inventory Control    Procurement    Warehouse Management    Manufacturing            Purchasing Processes        Bin Tracking    Inventory Control        Materials Requirement Planning        Mobile Devices, Barcode & RFID  
   Wireless Warehouse Management System        Quality Management    Bin Management    Purchase Order Processing     Warehouse Management System        Material Planning                    Material Requirements Planning    Lot / Serial Number Control                Picking and Shipping  
               Order Promising    Trace Express            Warehouse Management                        Material and Production Planning                Receiving & Put-Away  
               Real-Time Sustem                                        Purchasing                Replenishment  
               Return Materials Authorization                                        Supplier Portal                Traceability  
  Sales Order Management
   Packing Slip & Shipping Management    Purchasing Management    Sales Management    Automated Order Processing    Customer Portal    Sales & Order Management    Oracle Partner Management    Sales & Marketing        Sales & Promotions    Sales Processes    Sales Overview    Direct Receivables        M3 Sales Management    Sales Configuration        Orders  
   Quoting and Estimating    RF Warehousing        Automated Payments    Pricing and Promotions Management        Quoting    Sales Management                    Electronic Funds Transfer            Sales Forecasting        Price Quotes  
   Sales Orders    Sales Monitoring        One Click Purchase Orders    Sales Order Processing        Sales Management                        National Accounts Management                    Tasks  
               Order Management            Sales Proposal                        Order Entry                      
               Procure-to-Pay Purchasing                                                          
               Real Time Order Status                                                          
               Self-Service Vendor Center                                                          
               Shipping Integration                                                          
               Streamlined Receiving                                                          
  Financial Management
   Financial Overview    Business Intelligence    Financial Management    General Ledger, Payables & Receivables    Accounts Receivable / Payable    Financials Overview    General Ledger    AP / AR    Accounts Payable    Financial Reporting    Analytical Peporting    Enterprise Asset Management    Accounts Payable    A / R & A / P    M3 Financial Accounting     Business Intelligence    Financial Cloud Overview    Billing  
   General Ledger    Data Collection        Financial Summary    Advanced Reporting and Budgeting    Financial Reports    Accounts Payable    Financial Management Overview    Accounts Receivable    Accounting and Financials Overview    Financial Business Processes    Financial Overview    Accounts Receivable    Financial Management        Financial Management        Budget Control  
   Finanacial Reporting    Financial Overview        Advanced Billing    Financial Management Overview        Asset Tracking    Fixed Assets    Banking / Cash Mgmt.    Banking & Reconciliation            Fixed Asset Management    Human Resources and Payroll        Multicurrency        Cash Management  
   Accounts Payable            Amortization Schedules    Fixed Assets            General Ledger    Budgeting    Cost Accounting            General Ledger            Online Reports        Cost Control  
   Accounts Receivable            Multi-currency Transactions    General Ledger            International Capabilities    Finanacial Overview                Intercompany Transactions                    Financial Management Overview  
   Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)            Project Accounting    Project Accounting            Project Accounting    Financial Analysis                Multi-currency                    Financial Statement Generator  
               Revenue Recognition                    Governance, Risk & Compliance                Project & Job Costing                    Fixed Assets  
                                   Management Reporting                                    Regulatory Compliance  
  Production Management
   Bill of Manufacture (BOM)    Discrete Manufacturing        Advanced Multi-location Inventory    Maintenance Management The Maintenance Management     Manufacturing    Production Scheduling    Bill of Materials    Lean Manufacturing            Planning    Advanced Production    CAD Interface    M3 Manufacturing    Bill of Materials    Manufacturing Analytics    Production Management Overview  
   Engineering Change Order    Process Manufacturing        Aseembly Management    Process Manufacturing        Project Costing    Key Production Features    Manufacturing Execution            Product Lifecycle Management    Basic Manufacturing    Engineering & Product Life Cycle    M3 Product Data Management    Manufacturing Order Process    Manufacturing Operational Costs      
   Manufacturing & Production Reporting             Work Order Management    Process Planning        Shop Floor Management    Product Builder    Manufacturing Overview            Quality Management        Operations Management    M3 Project Management    Quality Assurance    Plant Floor Data Analysis      
   MES                Product Costing                Manufacturing Planning            Resource Management         Parts & BOMS            Strategic Cost Management       
   Material & Capacity Requirements Planning                Quality & Compliance Management                Manufacturing Scheduling                    Product Configurator                  
   Production Overview                Ross Production Manager                Product Data Management                     Routings                  
   Quality Management                Ross Quality Manager                Product Data Management                                      
   Real Time Monitoring                                Quality Management                                      
  Supply Chain Management
   Capable to Promise        Enterprise Asset Mgmt    Supply Chain Overview    Advanced Planning and Scheduling    Material Requirements Planning (MRP)    Supply Chain Execution    Key Supply Chain Features    Consignment        Operational Planning    Freight Management    Inventory Control        M3 Supply Chain Execution        Supply Chain Cloud Overview      
   Demand Planning        Supply Chain Management        Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting    Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)    Supply Chain Planning        Demand Management        Parts Demand Planning    Supplier Relationship Management    Lot Tracking / Serialized Inventory        M3 Supply Chain Planning              
   Materials Ordering                Inventory and Replenishment Planning                Purchasing            Supply Chain Management    Purchase Orders                      
   Outsource Central                                 Release Management            Warehousing    Return Materials Authorization                      
                                   Supply Chain Overview                Warehouse Management                      
                                   Supply Chain Planning                                      
                                   Supply Chain Portal                                      
                                   Transportation Management                                      
  Customer Relationship Management
   Customer Relationship Management (CRM)    CRM    Customer Relations Mgmt    Incentive Management    Aptean Sales for Process Manufacturing    Customer Relationship Management        Marketing Automation    Configurator    CRM Overview    Customer Relationship Management    Customer Relationship Management     SageCRM-Customer Service Automation    Available to Promise    M3 Customer Lifecycle Mgmt    Customer Relationship Mgmt    Customer Data Management Cloud    CRM Overview  
               Job and Project Tracking                Sales Force Automation    Customer Relationship Management    Customer Data Management             SageCRM-Marketing Automation    Customer Portal            Oracle Commerce Cloud      
               Partner Relationship                    Customer Self Service                SageCRM-Sales Automation    Customer Relationship Management            Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud      
               Sales Order Management                    Demand Management                    Field Service            Oracle Marketing Cloud      
               Self Service Customer Portal                    Pricing                    Order Management            Oracle Sales Cloud      
               Website                    Sales Analysis                    Prospect & Sales Force Automation            Oracle Service Cloud      
                                   Sales Orders                    Quoting & Estimating            Oracle Social Relationship      
                                   Sales Quotes & Orders                                Sales Performance Cloud      
                                   Trade Management                                      
  Additional Capabilities
   Payroll Processing    Multi-Channel Retail and Direct Marketing    Human Capital Mgmt    Real Time Dashboards    Business Process Management    Business Intelligence    Human Resources Analytics    Alert System    Analytics    E-Commerce    Groupware Integration    Human Capital Management    Business Intelligence and Reporting    Business Intelligence    M3 Business Intelligence        Oracle Global HCM Cloud    Mobile Solutions  
   Work Force Management    Wholesale Distribution        Security    Document Connect    e-Commerce    iSupport    Business Intelligence and Reporting    Enterprise Asset Management        Human Capital Management            Business Performance Management (BPM)    M3 Product Lifecycle        Oracle Talent Management Cloud      
                   Event Management Framework    Enterprise 21 Workbench Designer        Compliance Management    Interoperability Solutions         Intuitive Navagation            Collaboration                  
                   Process Analytics            Human Resource Management                        Visibility Business Intelligence Analyzers                  
                   Ross Data Manager            Service Managment                                          
                   Ross Insight                                                      
  Services Support
   IQMS EnterpriseIQ Training Programs             Customer Care    Customer Service & Support    Direct Developer Support    Support Resources    Support Options    QAD Service and Support    E-Learning        Enterprise Service Management    Priority Software Support        M3 Rental Management    Support Options        Customer Service & Support Overview  
   IQMS Professional Services and Consulting            NetSuite Central    Managed Services                                Sage Business Care        M3 Services Management              
   IQMS Technical Support            Site Consultation    Professional Services                                Sage Software University                      
   Software Updates and Maintenance Program                                                Training                      

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