Exact Globe | Avalara Sales Tax Automation

Integration with Avalara Sales Tax Automation

In the US and Canada, there are more than 7000 jurisdictions that impose some form of sales tax.  In recent years, these taxing entities averaged well over 3000 changes in rates and rules per year, or approximately 10 changes per day.  Exact Globe has the solution with tax functionality powered by Avalara AvaTax.  This hosted, Web-based sales tax solution automatically performs address validation, sales tax jurisdiction research and rate calculation with the Globe financial application, with no change to your existing workflow.  Detailed, real-time reports are available and returns are automatically pre-populated and generated.  It’s ideally suited to handing the constant jurisdiction changes prevalent in sales tax compliance. 
• Automate sales tax calculation, reporting and returns
• Reduce audit risk
• Enhance customer service and satisfaction
• Simplify your work with the instant online tax calculator
• Handle differing nexus rules
• Avoid costly inquiries that result from improper sales tax calculations
• Get real-time address verification
• Receive precise sales tax charts
• Establish best practices in sales and use tax compliance
• Download and install in just minutes