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Exact Globe Financials
Customizable financial information through state-of-the-art financial analysis tools provides a real-time, holistic view of your organization – giving you the ability to instantly view key revenue and cost information, sales and production date and employee productivity, instantly.  Globe reveals crucial data on the business relationships between customers, suppliers, employees, products and services so you can act to maximize your business results

• Multi-currency general ledger stores currency transactions in the native (source) currency with proper re-valuations for accurate financial management
• Transactional nature of the General Ledger provides for the ability to produce a P&L at a point in time
• Upload a supporting schedule, Excel spreadsheet or document directly into a transaction within the General Ledger as a part of the embedded document management capabilities of Exact Globe
• Real time processing from any source ledger into a General Ledger provides for an immediate view into the financial system at any time
• Live drill down to source transaction, viewing all components, including customer, supplier, resource, inventory item, production order or document
• Workflow-based Cash Flow module provides for a realistic and visual approach to cash management
• Multilingual capabilities throughout the system, for all field labels in over 20 languages