Exact Globe | Material Requirements Planning

MRP (Material Requirements Planning information is real-time and on-the-fly)
The MRP system within Exact Globe is a real-time system that provides users the ability to view real-time material requirements and net change information, generated on demand. Globe offers multiple calculation scenarios, so that you can choose the ones that’s ideal for your situation.  It also allows for the ‘pegging’ analysis of your MRP run.  This enables you to identify the sources of requirements at a detailed level, greatly simplifying the inventory replenishments process.  From within this MRP capability, you can access all your logistic transactions, from sales order to delivery.  This helps with internal efficiencies, as well as with important issues of compliance and regulation. Additionally, the MRP toolset provides for the ability to see requirements at the warehouse level based upon warehouse demand, whilst also aggregating to a total company level. This provides for the ability to operate in a multi-site environment, where warehouse and production facilities may be geographically dispersed.