Exact Globe | Customization

Exact Customization Services develops customized software solutions to meet the unique business needs of Exact Software customers.  Customization is done when a core software product (e.g. Macola ES, Globe or Synergy) cannot be implemented in such a way as to meet the customer's specific business processes.  Customization Services offers design and programming services, working through local Exact Software Business Partners, to ensure customer satisfaction.

The philosophy of Customization Services is to write custom solutions, not custom software.  Exact Customization Services can write custom solutions to fill small niches in the market for our customers. Exact Customization Services is a complete group of professional programmer analysts dedicated to creating, developing and supporting custom software modifications that meet your unique business needs. Over the years, the group has developed a catalog of modifications to meet whatever business needs your company may have, helping you implement solutions that meet your company's goals.